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About Company

Industrial Rubber Products has over the years established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of critical Automobile moulded components and Radiator coolant hoses. We are in the Automobile business for more than 50 Years. We are one of the earliest auto-rubber manufacturing companies in the southern part of India to be certified for ISO 9002. In 2005, we were certified for ISO/TS 16949 by INTERTEK . Now we are ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949: 2016 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified company. Though we are specialized in the manufacturing of auto-rubber components, we can produce any rubber component as per national and international standards.

We adjust the rubber compounds used to manufacture components for export to suit the climatic conditions like ozone concentration and low temperature level etc. We also follow strict global regulation of pollution control from using certain chemicals to control heavy metals, nitrosamine content and also for the restricted use of aromatic oils in certain applications.

Our range of rubber components include, Mountings and Rubber Pads, Premium Quality Silent Block Bushes, Grommets, Axle and Steering Rubber Bushes, Rubber Boots to guard automobiles from dust, Steering and Gear Shift Gaitors. Apart from this we produce a wide range of automobile rubber parts & gaskets.

Our extruded items include various types of hoses for radiators, coolant hoses, and breather hoses, inter cooler inlet and outlet hoses, fuel hoses etc. We also make turbocharger hoses satisfying EURO- VI norms and can be used from -40 deg.celsius to 250 deg. Celsius. This is made of FKM or FSR in the inner lining with silicone rubberized aramide fabric reinforcement with heat resistant silicone rubber cover. We also make wide ranges of silicone rubber based hoses.

Many of the ingredients including rubbers are sourced directly from the global manufacturers or through their direct agents in India. We use all types of special and speciality rubbers like EPDM, EPDM PEROXIDE, Neoprene, Nitrile, HNBR, Polyacrylic, Vamac, Silicone, Viton (FKM), Fluoro Silicone (FSR).

Our TEAM of experienced technologists and engineers along with hard working and disciplined workforce has made us one of the reputed and trust worthy Quality rubber component manufacturers. Our sole aim is “To be better than the best in quality”. So right from input raw materials to finished goods we maintain strict Quality control. We have got all testing facilities for this purpose .Some critical and useful tests are carried out through Reputed NABL accredited laboratories like IRMRA in Mumbai.

We practice best quality management system with main focus on total employee involvement. We believe in continuous improvement and hence employees’ training is given foremost importance.

Our new state of the art manufacturing facility is located about 30 Kms away from Chennai Airport. We feel we shall be able to maintain cordial and harmonious business relations with all our future customers like we are currently maintaining with all our existing customers, since the inception of our company.

We sincerely look forward to all of you with your valuable enquiries and orders .We shall endeavour to the best of our ability to be your trust worthy business associate.

Vision Mission Values
Be recognized by any customer who values quality products and excellent service at a fair price.
Industrial Rubber Products aims to be a reference supplier for functional parts in any type of rubber elastomer, with high added value in engineering, quality products and services to our customers in order to maximize and sustain long-term profitability.     
Industrial Rubber Products has identified honesty, safety and quality as core values in conducting our business, to benefit our customers, suppliers and employees.